Electromagnetic Radiation Tester

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One instrument with two uses. It can test the electric field and magnetic field radiation at the same time. It has a sound-light alarm that will alarm automatically when the test result exceeds the safe value. It also has a data locking feature that will allow you to lock the radiation value with one button press. 

Technical Parameters:

    Unit: electric field: V / m, the magnetic field: μT
    Accuracy: electric: 1V / m, magnetic 0.01μT
    Range: electric: 1-1999V / m, magnetic 0.01-19.99μT
    Alarm Threshold: electric: 40V / m, magnetic 0.4μT
    Reading display: 3 1/2 LCD display
    Test Bandwidth: 5Hz - 3500MHz
    Sampling time: About 0.4 seconds
    Test mode: Bimodule Synchronous test
    Over range indication: LCD displays "1"
    Operating Temperature: 0C-50C
    Operating Humidity: < 80%
    Operating voltage: 9V
    Dimensions: 63.6 * 31 * 125.8mm
    Weight: 146g
    Power: 9V 6F22 battery (NOT included)